Adopt or Shop?

Should you adopt or shop for your new family member?

There are pros and cons to both methods, but there is a lot of societal pressure to “save a life” and take your chances with a dog from a rescue situation (shelters, rescues, neighbors, Craigslist, etc.)
Responsible Breeders
As a responsible dog breeder myself, I’ve ensured that none of my puppies will ever end up in a rescue type situation. My contract, and many responsible breeders will require their puppy owner’s to return their puppy back to the breeder if they are unable to keep it for any reason. Of course, people being people, this has been violated a few times, but the puppy was always recovered from the situation and a wonderful new home found for the puppy.
When looking for a purebred dog, it’s almost impossible to find a puppy in an adoption or rescue situation.  There are young adults or older dogs, but most have a questionable past, and you do not have any health or temperament history on them or their parents.  When getting a giant breed dog like a Great Dane, temperament and health are the top 2 things to prioritize in your search.
So when someone tells you that there are too many dogs that need saving, you can have the security of feeling that the breeder you have chosen, and the dog you are purchasing, come from a safe place with a good temperament and a health history that is known.  Most breeders also give you lifetime breeder support, which you will not be getting when you adopt.
Adopting a rescue dog in need is a noble pursuit, and I applaud anyone that supports adoption and rescue organizations.  They are very much needed, and should get all of our support.  If you have the time and ability to rescue, that is amazing!  There are several Great Dane rescues in the United States.  They are listed below.  (If you would like your Dane specific rescue listed, please let me know).
Ensure that you are in the right location for the rescue you choose, and also read their requirements, as most require a fenced yard, someone home most of the time and no small children.
If adoption is not in the cards for your situation, you can always donate to one of the rescues as it is a tax free deduction and you are supporting the Adoption part of the breed even though you are not able to physically adopt one of their Danes.
There are many products available that support rescues in general, and I will leave a spot here for them.
In Conclusion
If you are looking for a puppy, want to know the history of the Great Dane you are getting and possibly have small children, you might want to consider purchasing from a responsible breeder.
If you are open to age, size and sex of the Dane you are looking for and meet all the requirements, adoption is an excellent way to help save a life!
Shop & Donate OR Adopt.  It’s a win/win for everyone.